Programs Available

Toddler Program


18 mths to 3 year olds

10 children


Staff: 1 Diploma trained Team Leader,12 Diploma trained AssistantEducator, 1 Assistant Educators


Features: The children share a group time togetherbefore lunch..  This is a special time for the group and Educators to bond andexplores our creativesidese as we express ourselves through music and movement.


The toddlers have the opportunity to play at their own pace and are encouraged to explore both indoors and outdoors. The materials and experiences implemented in the house are appropriate for children aged between 18 months and 3 years. The only time toddlers may be separated from theother  children is during lunch and rest time routines.

Mini Kinder

My Day at Mini Kinder


My friends are all 3 and 4 years old and there is up to 16 of us!


My teachers are qualified : 1 Diploma Trained Team Leader, 1 Diploma Trained Assistant Educator


We start off by spending the morning playing and exploring the house and the backyard. We have some morning tea and then a run outside.

After a while we go in and we help with setting the table for lunch and making the beds for rest time.


At 12:00 we have lunch and then a rest.


At 1:30pm we head into the Kinder Room where we learn through play; maybe playing with some water in cups and learning about measurement or sometimes drawing pictures. We have our afternoon tea as a group and at the end of Kinder we have a Group Time where we sing songs, read books and talk about a whole range of things.


It’s then back into the house at around 4:00pm for a play till we get picked up.

Long Day Care & Sessional Kinder

4 - 6 year old Long Day Care AND Sessional Kinder

4 to 6 year old children in the year before they start school.

20 children


SESSIONAL KINDERGARTEN – Your child is able to attend Co-op between the hours of 7:30am to 1:30pm to access their funded kinder hours for the week.  This is provided they are enrolled for at least 1 LDC day per week.

These sessions are charged at half the normal daily fee and are eligible for CCB and CCR fee assistance.


These enrolment bookings are for School Term ONLY.


Staff: 1 Kindergarten Teacher, 2 Diploma Trained Assistant Educators


Features: Ivanhoe Co-op’s 4-6 year old Kindergarten Program is an interest based, child directed and teacher framed approach to early childhood education.


The focus is on achieving holistic and meaningful learning through the support and encouragement of children’s existing dispositions to learn.

The kindergarten program aims at scaffolding children’s emerging and changing knowledge and understanding of the world around them through playful exploration and positive interactions.

The program’s dynamic and emergent approach means its’ physical and thematic environment is constantly evolving.

By supporting and celebrating children’s in- built capacity to explore and learn, the Co-op Kindergarten experience lays the foundations for a successful and enjoyable life long learning journey.

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