The Co-op

Co-op is a happy and unique place which offers mixed-aged grouping. This means that all age groups can work and play together in the same environment. Our open plan setting ensures children are not confined to rooms according to their age, so they have the freedom to interact with children of all age groups. Siblings are able to be together through the day, replicating a home-like environment.


Co-op offers an indoor/outdoor program, allowing children the flexibility to play both in and out of the house as they please. A large, leafy garden is provided with sandpits, climbing equipment, and a covered decking area for extremely hot or wet days. Indoor and outdoor programs are planned using “observations”, conversations and evaluations, and are based on children’s interests, capabilities and developmental level.


Ivanhoe Children’s Community Co-op has been informed and inspired by; the National Quality Standards for Children's Services, the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia- Belonging, Being Becoming, and The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.  These documents guide us in all areas of our curriculum decision making, and inform our evaluation of the children’s and families' experience of our service.

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